Tournesol Microgrids

The Association

Tournesol Microgrids is a french association that strives to create a community of experts in order to achieve 3 main goals :

The plateform

Tournesol Microgrids Plateforrm is an online news and analysis resource for experts of energy and for people who are interested in learning more about this solution.

The main objective of this plateform is not only to concentrate information about Microgrids (advances, projects, and market drivers around the world) but to create a real community of experts of different fields in energy to discuss the different articles and projects of the plateform .

The aim is to allow all the different actors that are involved in the production, distribution, storage and consumption to give their specific point of view on the latest news in order to capture the big picture of Microgrids and the challenge they represent. We also publish a monthly e-newsletter highlighting the latest news and features.

The partners

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